We recognize that although horses share a common set of basic needs, each horse is an individual. We pride ourselves in providing a consistent, yet tailored, routine.

Some of our boarders are attracted to our large, lighted outdoor and indoor rings. Others appreciate the natural daily exercise their horses get in our panoramic turnout fields (fenced with Ramm Flex-Fence). Still others may come to us for the extensive, picturesque Amwell Valley trails accessible from our property. However, we believe our boarders stay because of our mission to provide high-quality care for all the horses that call SonBob home.


Basic board ($645.00 per month, which includes NJ state sales tax) includes the following:
12′ x 12′ matted stalls, cleaned daily and bedded with sawdust
All-weather, full-day (or, seasonally, full-night) turnout in roomy fields with Ramm Flex-Fence fencing
Grain fed twice daily, hay fed once daily
Owner-supplied supplements added to feed
Full access to your horse and our facilities, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week
Farrier service weekly (or use your own)
Annual vet visit scheduled (or use your own)

All boarders are welcome to use our facilities:

Shared tack lockers (two boarders per locker)
Wash stall
Indoor ring: lighted, 80′ x 150′
Indoor round pen, approx. 40′
Outdoor ring: fully enclosed, lighted, 250′ x 400′
Outdoor jumping ring: lighted, 75′ x 175′
Outdoor dressage ring: lighted, regulation size 20 x 60 meters